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Tur aroun become people in poor crisis

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In any country in the world today there are great historical problems that disintegrate the social fabric and that do not allow the human being to advance towards better areas of true human, physical and dignified development. One of these major problems is the great lag of decent housing for people in conditions of marginalization and extreme poverty.

Social actors who are underprivileged and who alone will never get out of their belts of poverty created over decades.

The people who have had the opportunity to have an acceptable and updated professional training must join forces to generate innovation ideas in humanized architectural design and equipped with sustainable technology and ecotechnics that allow the creation of prototypes of sustainable, functional, safe homes built with bioclimatic methodologies that allow independence from conventional urban service systems and that in turn can combine techniques constructive actually And vernacular technologies, in addition to developing new methodologies for the use of materials from the regions at low cost and with thermal and durable

properties for these new homes The question would be if any of you would be willing to participate in an Architectural Project of this nature that not only meets the standards of conventional housing, but it is also carried out with innovation and low cost to begin with reducing the great social backwardness of extreme poverty for people in belts of misery and low social stratum. It is time to bring together key pieces of the puzzle of technology, innovation, pure architectural design and sustainability to help solve lags of life that have been untouchable until now.

Your Friend

Arq. Juan Manuel Sánchez González

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Hi, Juan Manuel. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Indeed, my friend, I agree on every word you wrote. It specially rang a bell in me this part where you say that those

13 hours ago, JUAN MANUEL SANCHEZ G. said:

who have had the opportunity to have an acceptable and updated professional training must join forces.

This is a collective responsability. I, as well, believe that those of us who where given that opportunity have a life lasting responsability with those who weren't as lucky.

Creating the required conditions for those at the margin of society to integrate and collaborate is a must.

I have good friends that are architects, engenieers, designers, with the good will to collaborate for the communal well-being. 

Let me know if I can help you with anything to connect those talents and expertise areas you are looking for.

Your friend,

Lic. Andrés Figueroa Molina

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