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  • About BI5ON

    BI5ON is a thesis-driven innovation lab and venture capital network in Northwest México.

    Our designers, engineers, artists, and scientists strive to create technologies and experiences that use the power of the internet to transform lives, communities, and environments.


    Our Thesis 1.0

    We back bold entrepreneurs and ideas that broaden access to knowledge, productivity, and wellbeing in Latin America.


    What We Believe In

    The world today
    We are at the confluence of three critical moments. The turning point of the ICT revolution, the climate threat, and the post-pandemic reconstruction.

    If we understand these critical moments without myopic short-term interests, we can set up a positive-sum game between business and society; between advanced, emerging and developing countries; and between humanity and the planet.

    Individual and collective attention are scarce relative to the great problems and opportunities we face. Proper allocation of available attention is the crucial challenge for humanity.

    We must generate additional knowledge to solve the problems we have introduced along the way, such as climate change. Knowledge is powerful, but only if we have enough of it.

    Current environmental problems can be turned into solutions for growth and employment. 

    Reality check
    We need to act with great urgency. We are woefully behind in dealing with societal challenges and the climate crisis, and there is a real possibility that as its consequences unfold, society will degenerate into violence.

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