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  • What we believe in

    • The world today
      We are at the confluence of three critical moments. The turning point of the ICT revolution, the climate threat, and the post-pandemic reconstruction.
    • Opportunity
      If we understand these critical moments without myopic short-term interests, we can set up a positive-sum game between business and society; between advanced, emerging and developing countries; and between humanity and the planet.
    • Challenges
      • Individual and collective attention are scarce relative to the great problems and opportunities we face. Proper allocation of available attention is the crucial challenge for humanity.
      • We must generate additional knowledge to solve the problems we have introduced along the way, such as climate change. Knowledge is powerful, but only if we have enough of it.
    • Goal
      Current environmental problems can be turned into solutions for growth and employment. 
    • Reality check
      We need to act with great urgency. We are woefully behind in dealing with societal challenges and the climate crisis, and there is a real possibility that as its consequences unfold, society will degenerate into violence.
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