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    A community of students, researchers, and inventors who work together to build the future through technology.

  • Each year, Bison Decentral accepts approximately 35 undergraduate, graduate, master’s and PhD candidates with backgrounds ranging from computer science to psychology, biological engineering to nuclear science, and more. Students collaborate with our research staff, visiting scientists, postdoctoral researchers, lecturers, and staff members to push the boundaries of knowledge and possibility.

  • Universities

    Bison Decentral’s partnership with universities combines a vision of a digital future with a new style of creative invention. We help students engage with emerging technologies and real world challenges, while focusing projects on ethics, inclusivity and sustainability.

    We are currently accepting students from all universities in the State of Sonora and Arizona. We will be partnering with universities from other regions soon.


    Funding and Support

    Our research is supported by a diverse array of members, whose businesses range from agriculture to construction, from health care to electronics. They not only provide the majority of Bison Decentral’s annual operating budget, they also help us to conduct research in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

    Many of the technologies and applications conceived at Bison Decentral are tested and refined through experiments in cooperation with our member organizations. Our research and projects frequently grow and evolve as spinoff companies, as tech transfer to member companies, and as the basis for continued research and exploration.

    To learn more about Bison Decentral membership, please email members@bi5on.com


    BI5ON Decentral's Leadership

    • Bison Decentral Director
    • Senior Research Director
    • Head of Blockchain Research Group
    • Head of AI Research Group
    • Head of Finance
    • Head of People
    • Head of Member Relations


    Job Opportunities

    We care deeply about our research teams and the people who make them up. We also care about building a more representative and inclusive workplace.

    Questions about employment at Bison Decentral should be sent to jobs@bi5on.com



    To learn more about university partnerships, please contact us at decentral@bi5on.com

    To learn more about Bison Decentral membership, please email members@bi5on.com

  • Research Groups

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    Our research is centered on the human factor of blockchain networks: The ability of a blockchain network to be used by a wide array of different entities in a frictionless way, from a functional, economic, and technical perspective.

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