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Pan American Climate Resilient Health Systems



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Health systems, including hospitals, are on the frontlines of climate change, bearing the costs of increasing disease burdens and more frequent extreme weather events while simultaneously inadvertently contributing to negative environmental and climate-related impacts.

The goal of this course is to equip federal, regional and local health systems planners, hospital administrators, long-term care/community care professionals, emergency planners, sustainability officers, public health officials, health practitioners, and others with the knowledge and tools needed to prepare for climate change. This includes how to apply best practices to assess health system vulnerabilities and adaptation options, measure and monitor the climate resilience and environmental sustainability of health systems, and undertake health system greening, all while integrating health equity and undertaking broad stakeholder engagement

Speakers and Presenters

Health Canada, the Pan American Health Organization, the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) and the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education have co-organized this course, with input from Ministries of Health and Environment and civil-society climate and health practice communities throughout the Americas.


Carolyn Tateishi, Director, Climate Change and Innovation Bureau, Health Canada
Cecilia Sorensen, MD, Director, GCCHE
Elizabeth Schenk, PhD, RN, Executive Director of Environmental Stewardship at Providence
Avriel Rose Diaz, Executive Director Walking Palms Global Health
Dr. Courtney Howard, Emergency Physician 

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